Monday, 20 May 2013

Can't make love on hungry belly

This mix of activist/ party music and the ideas of justice in
the EU were what woke me up yesterday.

BBC Radio 4 was fretting about "Euro- vision" after the
contest the night before. The EU and its sadistic banking
were taken apart in a matter of minutes.

Here's my attempt at a transcript, with the key song
below it.

checkit: BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting house
19 may
(EU song should be hokey cokey: "in" "out") This spot
was by Anne Pettifor, Prime Policy research in Macro Economics.
Her EU Vision song is by Trinidadian Mighty Sparrow
"No Money for Dat". Money for everything except what the people
need. EU is a problem due to its sado-masochistic money laws,  
 Maastricht. ECB, which bails out banks but not countries.
Treaties are a force for division, conflict. PM contended no
magic money tree- wrong. Money tree has existed since Bank of
England in 1694 . To work properly, it must be democratic
and accountable. Treaties are a money tree for bankers but not
what people need. Millionaires' houses but not butter, no doctors,
or houses for poor. Priorities are mixed up. for Britain to stay in,
EU must get Monetary priorities right.   

let's cut to the video