Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Oh, Beehive

It really depends on the accent.

Jessica Pare'
This lady, though, is out of control, regardless of her Canadian accent.

It's good that she's got a proper acting job, now. Usually, she's
been chosen for her physical attributes, which are stunning.
If you check any interviews of her, she seemed too nice to succeed,
or even to choose a good project. I remember her from small
Canadian roles, particularly Stardom:

[this film is equal parts interesting, poor and creepy- 2000]

[Suck- a vampire film. Equal parts poor, interesting and amazing. I'm stunned it's not worse, considering a neophyte wrote and actually got it produced. Iggy and Alice \m/]

It was a steep climb up to the most popular tv show in the US.

[at least she didn't have to learn French- the Montreal native]