Monday, 27 May 2013

when is charity a sacrifice for the empire?

I'm going to link together two seemingly
unrelated topics to see if we can't learn
from history.

1 the Woolwich machete murder of a soldier
2 charity, sacrifice and pagan worship
for the empire, in Ancient Rome

So the Woolwich murder has been used by
the media to spread dread. Nevertheless, it
seems to be a political, if not a terrorist

This media attention has allowed the
Help for Heroes charity to say "psst over here"
and get 100 000 quid in donations.
"We will not accept donations from the EDLeague"
Stupid punter says: "Duh, I think I'll donate"
[the national mourning has been over the top. gotta see the
uniform and the grieving family. This guy went
to Afghanistan to kill Taliban, when the UK wants Al Quida]

HfH is a charity that gives money to soldiers
who are experiencing financial problems.The
reason it exists is that the British government
has been firing a lot of soldiers, some as
soon as they step off the plane from Afgh.
And to add insult to injury (literally),
after they came back alive
from the front, in a dumb-ass war, they're
being replaced by new recruits who are
Lots of these old guys will have health and
psycho problems that mean they can't really
work much. Hence HfH. Implicit in this
charity is 1) the government are cheap
bastards 2) wars are okay, because our
boys are fighting in them. 3) this reminds
me of the remembrance charade in Nov
4) charities are a business that has to
keep the money rolling in, and a personal
disaster for one soldier means money for
other soldiers.
Anyway, enough about that. 

In Ancient Rome and many other cultures
of that day, sacrifices were regularly given
to the Gods to appease them. This meant
that you would expect a good harvest, or
whatever. It seems to me that people who
are insecure need to give something in
order to feel better. Well, I would say that
giving to the needy is the modern equivalent.
It does make people feel good to give. That
does not mean that I like the charity industry.

In Ancient Rome, in the early days of
Christianity, one Roman emperor (forgot name)
decided to exterminate the Christians. Why?
They did not give sacrifice to the Roman
"gods", (essentially the dead rulers of Rome
who were declared gods posthumously) and
sacrifice was a sign that people wanted the good of
the empire. Luck. So everybody had to publicly give,
or chop-chop.
The Christians still refused and now I can see
why. They did not believe in the Roman gods,
for their own reasons. They also likely did not
see how sacrifice for the empire was a good

Unfortunately, for us, Remembrance and HfH
are little more than pagan sacrifice for the empire.
I refuse to give. the shaming has gone to the
point of criminalising a guy who posted a video
wherein he burned a plastic poppy. Brainwash

and remember, the UK government uses/sacrifices
 soldiers' bodies and throws them away
with no financial support. How is that good
for the luck of the empire?

Unknown soldiers? you betcha. 
nobody gives a sh*t. 
Give peace a chance. 
That would be
charitable for humanity.