Sunday, 26 May 2013

bloodthirsty reality game

While the British media has tried to scare the public about
bloodthirsty attacks with machetes, because of the
gruesome nature of hand to hand combat, in a civilised
Western country, I'd just like to draw some attention
to other more civilised blood-thirsty killing.

This is a simple description of Western armies' activities
in countries full of brown people. Libya, Syria, Iraq
Afghanistan, Mali for starters.

Our boys are always seen as gentlemen, despite being
shown on tv shooting machine guns, as if they're
children's toys.

[drones are just dreamy. this'll help me pay for my nose jobs]

We are less shocked by the illegal killing of brown people
by "our boys" because:

1 it's far away
2 it's on tv, and no blood is shown
3 they're brown people
4 we've been convinced that these brownies deserve it
5 it's not us
6 thanks to tech, we just press a button to end a life
7 did I mention it's brown people?

Drone Capt Jimmy: I would really hate getting blood
on my hands
Drone Capt Dave: You'll excuse me, I'm about to
strafe a taxi in northern Pakistan.
DC Jimmy: who is it?
DC Dave: not sure, i was given these coordinates

There was once a Star Trek episode (too busy to find it)
where two polite warring nations were so polite,
they regularly had a number of people chosen to be
murdered so that the bloodlust of both sides could
be assuaged. it was nice and clean and out of site,
like toilets, or garbage dumps, or nuclear waste sites.
Out of sight, out of ???? all sane discourse.