Sunday, 19 May 2013

the first and latest songs in space

Noticed recently how the world-famous astronaut
Commander Hadfield, a Canuck, had recently sung
in space, both for a recording and live together
with people on the ground.

His tunes are just the latest foray of popular
tunes into space, if only orbit.

Apparently, according to a documentary today that
I only half heard, the first module sent into deep
space includes one popular song, to go with
Beethoven (which will cause aliens to commit
suicide), is Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee

You'd hate to have your spaceship go up like a
ball of fire, like that Shuttle about 20 years ago.

But, I think Jerry was thinking about his roasting
chestnuts, as he hankered for his 13 year old
second cousin.

[a song about "going insane" for teeny boppers in middle school]

Going out the hatch without the space suit will leave you Breathless

Anyway, rack and roll is still out of this world.
By the way, NASA. Take the Duran Duran pressings
and chuck 'em into a black hole. Thanks