Sunday, 26 May 2013

Google Glass on Your Ass

As we all know, very soon knuckleheads will be wearing
multi-media glasses and thus walking into traffic
unannounced and dying. This is a culling of dullards.
Thief picks the glasses off the body, wears them
and dies soon afterward, and so on...

[Glass-view, by William Banzai 7]

But, especially for London soldiers and criminals,
there will be new glasses designed to watch your ass,

These glasses will show you whether you're being
followed and by whom. You'll get a report, and it
will present you:
 the enemy's weaknesses, 
the options for reaction, 
listing the choice of weapons you have on your person, 
and preferred judo moves,
in the order of preference.

All this with Google Glass on Your Ass.

[here the glasses help with getting the right
pick-up line]