Sunday, 26 May 2013

cement-heads of Moore

Although tornadoes have ripped apart the US Midwest for
the whole of Western settlement there, folks have not
seen the light.

They need to build houses using concrete. The sole
standing building that was in the path of the twister
was a concrete movie theatre. A temple to the god

And what were the crews doing yesterday? fixing the
trimmings on that concrete theatre. other buildings,
where people are supposed to be living, have been
made into match sticks, and crews are worried about
what movie-goers will see, or what will fall on their


Pres Obama: you're house is in cinders. Don't worry,
be happy. Go shopping. Go to the movies. Forget
your worries.

Did you know file:
-the best homes for earthquake zones are brick ones
-the best houses for crack dens are vacant ones
-the best houses to squat in or steal copper are
bank-owned ones