Sunday, 5 May 2013

waxing off, philosophically

The Onion defines philosophy as each
person's personal philosophy; the kind of
philosophy you hear after said philosopher
has had 4 double scotches, on an empty
It's my personal philosophy that alcohol
helps philosophising.

checkit:  the Onion

From The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge
Philosophy, academic and intellectual discipline devoted to the critical study of how life is like one big roller coaster ride. Developed over hundreds of years in both Western and Eastern cultures, philosophy examines fundamental issues of existence, reason, and human nature in order to affirm the importance of stopping to smell the roses once in a while, because life is short, so one should follow one’s heart and dance like nobody’s watching. Philosophy can be separated into different branches of study, including epistemology, political philosophy, just taking it one day at a time, and metaphysics, all of which communicate the central truth that, hey, it is what it is, so just hang in there and remember that whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. While philosophy is broadly defined depending on the era and culture in which it was conceived, most philosophical schools of thought agree that you win some, you lose some.
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