Saturday, 11 May 2013

being a BBC Kid, during the 70s

Can you imagine what it would have been like in the 70s,
being a BBC Kid. Getting to see all the kids shows that
had an audience, frolicking on stage with famous people.


It wasn't all hippie peace, and dope, but mostly 
molestation of minors with three main suspects.

Of course, kids' imaginations can explain away things
but I'm getting the impression that some of the kids
saw the reptilian behaviour of the stars and ran away,
 never to be seen again.
They would have been imagining the following, despite
what their visual cortex was telling them:

 Rolf Harris: "Have you ever sat on a digeridoo?"
"Wanna play 'tie me kangaroo down, mate' ? I'll get the rope"

Stuart Hall: "Where are you hiding? Are you shitting yourself?"

below: Jimmy Savile: "How you like my track suit and locks?"
"the royals just love me. Don't you?"