Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Revenge of the Doppelgangers

Since, in German,  the doppelganger phenomenon has a
spiritual component, I find it interesting that I've had
many recent run ins with this, in various areas of
modern culture.

I believe myself to be very observant. I like observing
people, and so I find the doppelganger, look-a-likes in
the common parlance, a great feat of memory and
observational power.

When you study genetics you see just how it can
find one ancestral female and male, but it's unsatisfying.
the Haplogroup studies are interesting though when
looking for national tendencies.

It's strange how important the face is to genetics. Genes
can only do so much with the aspects of a face. That's
why doppels are possible. However, I doubt I'll find my
own double. I'm too rare.

When I lived in Italy, I noticed how in the towns
north of Florence, the Germanic
influence is marked, as it is throughout the north of
Italy. This matches the invasion of the Germanic
tribes in the post-Roman era. That was 1500 years ago!

I also like picking out a nationality (not race)
in a matter of seconds.
Sometimes it's the face/hair, sometimes it's the clothing, or
sometimes it's the behaviour. You can see how communities
affect personal behaviour.

I've seen a pair of doppels at work.
One is a Russian lady with red hair while the other
is British and blonde. They're not a perfect match, but they
confused me for a while.

So, I can see that your eye has to be trained to see
similarities. Research has shown that when you're
looking at someone who is not of your race, it's harder
for you to describe or remember their features.

I'm certain that most people are oblivious to the study
of faces. I guess they're not neurotic enough.
They're probably more social.

I'll bring the other doppel stuff I've seen, and I realise
just how much better I am at noticing faces than these
other doppel-hunters.

Anyway, Al Jazeera showed a Canadian photographer
who's finding doppelgangers and photographing them.

I find some are just not good enough:
1 there's no one thing that matches, but the whole is interesting
2 one facial feature is the same, but not the others
3 many features are similar, but the two wholes are different
4 some shocking matches.

the site:

1 there's no one thing, but the whole is interesting

3 many features are similar, but the two wholes are different

4 shocking!

other doppelganger stuff from who knows where:
 [not sure who the second one is, but good work]