Sunday, 26 May 2013

is it sexist or just spastic?

Whatever you might think of Femen activists, they do
get the shit kicked out of them, and for what?

They just flash their mamaries to prove a couple of

1 there's an issue that needs attention (not their tits)
2 the Man reacts spastically to the revealing of mamaries

Unlike art, political activism is necessarily shocking, if
it is to shake the establishment.
The police are not gentlemen protecting the woman's
they're the hands and boots of the oppressor,
oppressor of the democrat, the woman, the free speaker
and the naturist. 
So, I've got time for Femen,
especially the Ukrainian ones.
They've got long legs, too.
[post no bills: see chest please]

Now was this (below) necessary? She could have scuffed her
forceful nipples, I mean, message:
 [anti-anti-gay-marriage-suicide protest in Paris]
[Femen, and the Keystone Kops]