Monday, 15 April 2013

war called off due to health & safety concerns

It seems so strange that as a society, we are ever
more encouraged to not even harm a flea. We
are taught about everybody's rights and the law.

Our leaders, political and economic, are not
bound by the same laws. They can start wars
The rest of us need to get the Surgeon General's
signature in order to have a barbeque. And
insurance has squelched all manner of fun.

The last straw for me is the calling off of a war.
I've got 80 channels. There's nothing i like
better than to sit in my captain's chair and
play armchair general.
Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama

It's all good.

Let's cut to the video:

[I'd like to leave before I get killed. Properly dead]

Checkit: Telegraph
Health and safety wins the Battle of Hastings 2013
The annual re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings
has been cancelled over health and safety fears.
About 500 enthusiasts in chain mail, many on
horseback, have been recreating William the
Conqueror's victory every year since 1985.
Last year's recreation of the 1066 conflict was
abandoned halfway through amid heavy rain.
English Heritage has decided to postpone this
October's event over fears that the site will
suffer further damage.