Thursday, 4 April 2013

sports fans can be cruel

Sports fans and sports commentators often think

they know their game. They're really objective

when it comes to stats, and what's right and what's


But when a sportsman is having a health problem,

it can be shown that sports fans and commentators

are not doctors. They'll make fun of a guy who

is going through a stroke.

What is needed, in darts, is bruisers, to watch

over the play by play and the fans to make

sure the honour of players is not besmirched,

as they do in hockey

[what did you say about my slapshot?]

[I've played hockey there. savages]

check this: Eurosport

..‘Drunk’ darts player Hankey had actually suffered stroke
World of Sport – Sat, Nov 17, 2012 11:06 GMT
Darts fans have been forced to apologise to former BDO world champion Ted Hankey after accusing him of playing while drunk - when in fact he had suffered a
The 44-year-old, nicknamed 'The Count', was ridiculed after a poor performance at the Grand Slam of Darts last Tuesday.
Hankey appeared disoriented and suffered a comprehensive 5-0 defeat to Michael van Gerwen, in which he averaged just 59 and missed the board twice.
After the match, Hankey apologised for his performance, saying: "I was shocking
I have had the flu since sun(day) night and couldn't see out my left eye".