Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bad sex gong, Part 2 the Reality Show

I enjoy how frank the French can be about sex. It is their
canvas upon which the abstract rules.

There was a lady who has admitted to bedding Dominique
Strauss-Kahn after all the craziness of the sex addicted
swinger was plastered around the planet. And she wanted
to tell the world about it.

If you think that bad sex writing is only about fiction,
think again:

Marcela Iacub is famous enough to have written an
I hope these descriptions of DSK don't leave with PTSD
half man, half pig
Pigs have a relationship with the present that humans
hardly have. They never cease relishing the incredible
luck of being alive, eating, running, sullying, wounding,
3 writing "to DSK"
 you would have used this country [IF ELECTED] to
spill your inexhaustible sperm

DSK fires back:
"the behaviour of a woman who seduces to write a book,
claiming to have amorous feelings to exploit them

He's got a point there. Although he's always up for a
shag with a woman sporting a man's haircut, you
have to wonder whether she thought he was a pig
after she shagged him, or after the NY hotel tryst
was splashed all over the news. 

checkit: International Herald Trib
why I had a love affair with Strauss-Kahn, 
king of the pigs