Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gitmo- in the culture

If you hang around for 12 years, people start
singing about you. Even if you are Gitmo,
suburb of the Bay of Pigs- puerco. gringo.ftou

That most famous House of Horrors
features in wonderful tv shows like NCIS,
where the big balls-out line is
"I'll send you to Gitmo, Fuddermucker"

It also features in a Fugees song: Ready or Not [2:58]
"Ready or not, you can't hide,
We'll cover you in hoods and orange
On Gitmo, outside of the law
Nothing rhymes with orange
Defecating on your plate"

and in the title of this great Latino tune: 

Guantanamo Bay
"Guantanamo Bay
Get me outta the f%&k outta
Gitmo Bay"