Tuesday, 16 April 2013

canonisation with real canons

As Rupert Murdoch and the ConDems run the
country they can create the myth that Thatcher
saved the country.
They can browbeat opposition by feigning
offence at any criticism of their matriarch.
no criticism: plenty of hagiography
They can tell lies and make Thatcher appear
all important to British history: Important enough
to drop work in parliament.

The police can tell people whether they can
protest or not.

In the end, is the government promoting the
Myth of Thatcherism, against all the proof?

They are taking the opportunity to start
petty battles with opponents within parliament.
I guess they picked the wrong victim in Sally

Checkit: guardian.co.uk

Sally Bercow: I won't be part of 'attempted canonisation' of Thatcher
Speaker's wife says she won't accompany husband to funeral and accuses No 10 of undermining John Bercow
    Press Association
    Sunday 14 April 2013 16.27 BST        
Sally Bercow, the wife of the Commons speaker, has said she will not be attending the funeral of Baroness Thatcher as she does not want to join in the "attempted canonisation" of the former prime minister.