Saturday, 13 April 2013

The reason for Pleb-gate

I've written stuff about the pleb thing in London,
but this is about the reason for Plebgate.

For the unitiated a Minister of the government
was stopped by coppers from riding his bike
through an exit on Downing St
and was said to have called
the police "plebs", as an insult. As in, "I'm
of Oxbridge, and you're nothing"

The police leaked this story and the minister
was dumped.
He claims the cops lied.
I've seen the cops here behave ridiculously,
so I don't know if I believe the cops.
I'd never believe a minister either.
so, they 're even in my books.
A pox on both. Hubris got them.

However, this scene brought back a word
that I used back when I was trying to be
a wordy young man.
After this big Pleb-gate fuss about nothing,
I soon noticed that there would be
a critically-acclaimed tv show in the UK
which is about some live-in slaves during Roman

This clip has some excellent examples of the humour on the show.
But still, you can never be too sure about success in the tv biz.

so, I can only assume that somebody at ITV was playing off
this fuss in one of two possible ways:

1 Media giant (including newspapers)
pumps up PLEB-gate to make it unforgettable?
-In effect, the media giant stitched up the cops and the
minister, sullying them both, as advertising for the show.
-Since the cops won't reveal their sources, the story could
have been created in a "newsroom thinktank"

2 the media giant changes the name of the show after Pleb-gate?
-It has been heard that the show had other working titles.
one previous working title: HORNY SLAVES