Monday, 15 April 2013

Perhaps I can sleep on your doorstep, milord

I hate the fact that the anal retentive people who
run town councils and bureaucracy have such
sway over people's lives now that the crisis
is putting families on the street.

In the US there are tent cities springing up
everywhere, but some places just have too
much order to allow a miserable family
to live in a tent, ON THEIR OWN LAND.
I hear jails are okay if you can manage to
commit a crime.

Checkit: some Brit paper
Tent row mother jailed
A mother has been jailed for refusing to
leave a makeshift campsite her family
set up after they lost their home.
Gwen Pyke, 48, is expected to serve
two months of a four-month sentence
for ignoring a court order to vacate the
site. Her husband, Asa, 47, was jailed
 in November and has since been freed.
The couple were not jailed together because
they have three teenage children.
The couple have been living in caravans
and tents on a two-acre site at Dedham,
Essex. ....Mrs Pryke grew up in the village
and although she owns the land, the family
did not have planning permission to set up
camp there.