Tuesday, 9 April 2013

it were the best of times & worst of times

As if I'm not only writing for myself:

If anybody checked my profile, they know that I'm
a frugal guy not averse to reusing clothing and
almost anything else. This is not just a bug
in my bonnet. I've often had little cash and so I've
had to see consumerism for what it is.
a whole stack of bullsh*t dreamt up 
by Mad Men
You'll end up depressed and on the street
Stuff is a tyranny.
you gotta store it, move it, clean it
and you may never be cool, anyway

It took an interesting white rapper (hear me out)
and a ridiculous, 5-year (so far) financial crisis
to get much of the rest of the world to see the 
 Now, its anthem is the new Gangnam, minus the dancing: