Monday, 8 April 2013

food banks for animals

It's come to the point that people can starve on a planet
that has a oversupply of business-made food. We are
so far removed from nature that we can no longer
feed ourselves if our supply of little pieces of paper
that we trade suddenly dries up.

One businessman's oversupply is another man's empty plate

We have also literally cut the wild environment into
ribbons with our asphalt roads. We are ever more
encroaching on the last vestiges of wilderness in
the UK, such that we are ruining every habitat left.
So, what are animal's doing. They're visiting us to
see if they can become urban cool animals. But they
also need to learn how urban society works. If
capitalism means that you have no means, then you
need to find a food bank.
Are those animals every lucky that we throw away so
much edible food.

 food bank cum dumpster
 [breaded cod is my favourite]
[easy to get in. hard habit to quit]

 [hey, man. which way to the nearest food bank?]

The rural cool animal also needs to get accustomed
to being penned up so much in inhospitable farms.
They need to know that they are not allowed to graze
much, but instead are fed Argentinian GMO soy
(at small cost to the rainforest).
Are those animals ever lucky that most of us are

food bank cum farm
[trough chat: I was just remembering that 2005 vintage sweet grass
                     : ya girl. this hay is sh*t]