Monday, 8 April 2013

more ridiculous worship of human beings

I know that most atheists, pagans and so on say that
religion is the opiate of the people (it was actually 
Communist rhetoric), but it seems like some people
are proving that humans always need to
kneel and be in awe of something, or someone. 
It doesn't have to be an
omnipotent being. It can be a rock&roll musician.

While I never hope financial ruin on any worker, I wonder
what soul searching the bonehead below would be going
through when he realises how much money he wasted
following his hero around the world.
If he ends up on the street, maybe he can eat his concert
ticket collection. (riffing on a Cree proverb)

so this guy probably went to very interesting countries
with the sole purpose of seeing a band play the same set,
in the same way, and even the same banter between tunes.
How about a temple in Bangkok? Nope. gotta see Bruce

It's a disgraceful display because:
environmental cost of stoopid flights
redistribution of money to millionaires
wasting the opportunity to see the real world
poor people are starving and he's blowing his money
Gandhi walked this Earth, and he chooses Brooce as his idol
he foists his sick obsession on the rest of us as if it's normal

check and chuckle: Guardian [with my comments]

the night i met my hero, Springsteen
 by Sarfaz Manzoor

What would you say if you had a chance to meet your idol? 
Last Friday evening I met Bruce Springsteen, my musical 
hero for more than 20 years. During the last two decades 
my love of Springsteen's music- an obsession somewhat 
obsessively documented [boy are you gonna hate yourself
if you ever wake up from your stupor- Cos67]- has 
evolved. It began with me as a mere fan travelling the 
world to attend gigs. That led to my memoir Greetings
from Bury Park which described how his music changed
my life. Now I am making this into a film [that's why 
Brooce finally decided that he could no longer avoid 
this creepy fella ]