Friday, 5 April 2013

How Piers gets them crying

A CNN "journalist" named Piers Morgan has been
proved to be a criminal due to his own admission
of hacking phones.

He should be in jail, but he's got a rich boyfriend,
or something.

Anyway, as a newspaper "journalist" in the UK,
he sold papers by printing lies and half truths
that he gleaned from hacking famous people's

I believe that he has kept some of the best
dirt for his reign, now, as an interviewer
on CNN.
So, what he probably does is he uses some
of his secrets on Guest X. He could, for
example, tell the Guest that he's going to
reveal Secret Z, unless the Guest reveals
other salacious secrets. Some of them
can't handle the stress and start to cry.

Though the Guest might not be aware that this
blackmail is going to happen, they should have
heard the rumours from others by now, if
I'm right. Perhaps they're media whores who thinnk
they can survive a grilling from a
too-connected-to-jail smarmy bastard.

Everybody's favourite non-native-English speaker,
Cheryl Cole admits to being afraid
of Piers in this
YT clip. Then why do it?