Sunday, 14 April 2013

Neurotics' anonymous meeting a success

Who us? What are you looking at?

It's an anonymous meeting of neurotics, not a Neurotics Anonymous
meeting. Neurotics would never be members of a group that
would have them as members. So, they just anonymously
agreed to meet and anonymously registered themselves.

[some folks always have a cloud overhead, even indoors]

It's the Neurotics anonymous annual meeting.
It almost didn't happen. Half of them didn't
want to have a meeting cuz they weren't up to
it and the other half couldn't decide on the
best place to hold it.
Some wanted a place that's famous for its
neuroses and neurotics like New York, or London,
where they're known as anoraks.

In the end , they decided on a hotel where the
price is right. There were some discounts for those
with friend:

The Neurotic Transvestite Convention, Manchester, UK
I was once living in downtown Manchester a good decade
ago, and walking about  one weekend, I regularly happened
across groups of transvestites. Some of them were bigger
than me. Of course, the average lad on a skirt and the hair
in a beehive, kinda 60s like, probably channelling their mothers.
Recount such things to a Brit and they won't even bat an eyelid.

Anyway, one of those evenings, I was walking past a hotel-lobby
bar and sitting in very subdued light were some  people, some
of them big, but I couldn't see their faces. I could pick out
their beehive hairdoos. I guess they were keeping themselves
incognito to stop the vile lads from harrassing them all night.