Monday, 29 April 2013

How one game trains blinkered fascists

I was playing a kids' game yesterday that is certainly played by
adults, but the real version is being played out by oligarchs
all over the planet as they re-write the rules of the game.

The result is fixed. Heads, they win. tails, we lose.

The game I was playing has so many of the rules of the bankocracy
that it just shocked me.

The game is monopoly, that fair-and-balanced game with the fair-and-
balanced name.
Steven Wright said once, that he was upset because Monopoly was
made by only one company.

if you play, you'll notice:

-one person has to be the "banker"
*the banker gets all the money from real-estate deals
*the banker collects all government fines. No tax man.

-the water works are private and if you own it, you can charge "rent"
[economic rent is a fascistic practice]

-the jail function works, unlike in our bankocracy
* interesting how a game without government still has a jail for
bad businessmen. It's probably intended for whistleblowers who
express Communistic interests in protecting consumers or the

-if you want to buy property, you have to have cash. No loan system
* this actually takes away the great advantage that oligarchs have
over us. they often own bank shares and can make electronic money
on a computer screen and go spend it.

-it doesn't matter if a passerby is innocently passing, or not. You
can charge him rent. It's as if you own the sidewalk too.
*however, free parking is available, on one square