Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Starbuck's covert black-coffee ops

There was once a day when Starbucks ruled
the roost when it came to coffee and tea
sales in the UK.
As with every empire, it's largely evil and so
I enjoy the inevitable slide into oblivion.
However, Starbucks is one of those aggressive
companies that can scare the casual observer.
It is so sensitive to not being liked that it has
"Stealth Starbucks" stores which are stores
without the corporate brand.
This was their decision in 2010, when they
still ruled the roost and had nothing to be
paranoid about, except the rise of competition.

Wow, how unreasonable is that. What are the
odds that somebody could make a better cup
of coffee than Starbucks? That's called a low
barrier to entry.
And if they actually had personable staff that
didn't harass customers into buying "a muffin
with that", then they would, again, be doing
Now we know that they are the globalised
tax evading corporation par excellence with
froth on top.

The froth of the tax protester!

Since they were skewered by UKUncut last year,
they might now wish to sell their wares in an alley,
out of a brown paper bag.